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Posted on 16th Nov at 11:19 PM, with 8 notes

Guys, I met John Green today. John. Green. And Rainbow Rowell and Jacqueline Woodson. It was honestly the most amazing day of my life.

When I met John there was a sticky note in my book that said Lilly so he could personalize it, and he said, “Are you Lilly?” and I was like, “Yeah, I am!” and he said, “I love that name.” Then I went on to tell him how much his writing means to me and his videos and how much he has helped me through and he said something like, “Well, thank you. It means a lot.” And I was like, “No, thank you!” and he said, “Well it goes both ways.It means a lot to both of us to be meeting the other.” AND THEN WE JUST MADE EYE CONTACT AND I WAS SHAKING SO MUCH SO THEN I WAS JUST LIKE OKAY CAN I GET A PICTURE AND I DID AND AJHFDSDGJ.

I didn’t really talk to Jacqueline but she’s an amazing writer and sweet person.

Rainbow told me she was jealous of my hair and I proceeded to tell her how my friend wants to marry two of her books and she said, this is a direct quote, “Well she can only marry one because I don’t approve of polygamy.” She is so incredibly sweet and I love her so much.

It was an amazing day and I got to see some of my biggest inspirations speak and talk to them and I am so incredibly happy.

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